Today: June 25, 2024 6:42 am
Today: June 25, 2024 6:42 am

How to deal with a breakup 💔 – Healing the Broken Heart

You have learned that it is the mind which is stuck up and you are clueless about how to deal with it.

What has happened has happened and now you need to work on your mind, And if you continue to be in this pain you’re still giving me the power to the mind which will keep you in the same position. So get ready to rescue yourself now. There is a way to get past the pain. It is true. To fall in love is simple but to get out of love is very painful. Especially if you are the one who has full integrity in words relationships and others also in the last part of the course you know that you are a genuine person and you love deeply when you love deeply and feel rejected. Your heart will be broken. But that does not mean that you should hold yourself from being genuine and loving deeply. Certainly not if you understand and implement the following steps genuinely You will be able to move on. So have faith in yourself and listen to these steps carefully. First of all the help that is required from your end for a few moments, the mind needs to be kept silent and what you receive now has to be forced in the mind. Of course, the mind will rebel. It will object but your task is to just read and accept what is written during the course. Your mind may have few doubts so it’s recommended to write them down and continue to read. In the full course of doing so you will see that almost all of the doubts get addressed on their own. And if you have genuinely You will be able to understand the need for action. The need for action performed will lead to harmony and balance which is all that you aspire to give yourself this self to understand and internalize all that is shared with you. Not the first step.

The first step is to go through this pain.

In this business and consider it as good indeed it is a difficult task for you to stand still and feel the pain but there’s no shortcut to this. This pain is a healing mechanism of the mind. This is natural to all living beings and the only difference with them is that they simply cry feel inside and without thinking about why it’s happening to them. They move on. It’s the fact that you have to go through the cycle of emotions to move on only because your mind is thinking you don’t deserve to be in pain. When you think the pain cycle is getting obstructed. So say to yourself. I allowed this pain to happen. I don’t need to stop this pain. I let the pain completed the cycle saying this you will come in acceptance of the present moment and also the past.

The second step is to detach yourself from the boss.

This may appear to you impossible. So listen to your mind. Your mind must be. How can I forget all the time that I’ve spent with this person? But the truth is a little different. Go back to the days when you were young. There have been many incidents of loss that have happened to you and you do not even remember them today. Indeed many things have happened and gone so this Be Eldon situation has also happened and it will go. It is only your mind that is giving reality to the situation your mind has the desperate need to win your love back and fill the void. It is important to live in this vacuum in the present without having any need to fill the void. M.A. on mine I asked the question How can I get out of this pain. Ask your own self who died me up in this pain and then answer those of nobody. And then again I ask then why do I need freedom. And then on so I am already free to get out of this pain. Talked to solve a number of times like this. What did you do the compulsive thinking in the mind? The third step is – shifting the focus

Negative thinking by talking about your goodness

to your own self. This is a conscious task tell yourself that you engineman and you have more integrity than yourself that I’m proud to have integrity. I’m happy that I love everyone genuinely and I will always be genuine those who are genuine have that I received my genuineness and those who are not worthy of my genuine love must not receive it from me. So tell yourself that it’s OK to be in is as of now than being in pain forever because of others who do not have integrity. Seeing this in your mind you will create positive self-esteem once again the fourth step the fourth step is to allow your mind to go into the bouts of a negative spiral thinking it’s normal that your mind will not be able to fully get rid of thinking in so good. If you start working on the steps that are taught you will be able to create a few spaces where there is peace and freedom. Yet these moments may not be like a straight line. So whenever your mind goes back in the bouts of thinking allow your mind to do so. Doing so will create some peace. This is a great position to begin with. The fifth step is to

Allow yourself to go into crying mode.

Sometimes it is not only laughter that is evoked as a healing agent even crying. It’s better to have a good cry than not. Or having anger and resentment. Indeed everything that has come on this board has to go. So this pain of separation also has to go. Tears are important to healing. Crying with feelings of self-rejection self. Self-blame is not good though. Crying with the feeling that there is a loss will help you accept and heal and move on. So go grab a box of tissue paper and cry your pain away once and for all the sick

Step the sixth step is to create a new world.

This step is possible only when you’re done with all the emotional bit slowly but set density. You need to create your own you would new life but all the past is not allow to drop in. You can take this opportunity to try something that you have never done. It can be anything it can be. Art classes music classes a new wardrobe a book a blog anything to program your mind and body to just jump into a fresh beginning. The purest form of love is the love for self. It is well said that everything is hidden in the self even the love for the other came from the new. So this is the time for realization and commitment for self-loving yourself can happen with the small things. As mentioned earlier emotions that you experienced by loving yourself will be the strongest than loving anyone else. And it’s all about believing that a better place exists for you. Definitely, this way you will learn to fill the emptiness that you have always experienced, and now is your time of self-realization and integration itself. That is you and very soon a day will come when you will love being with yourself. Watching a movie with yourself making a cup of coffee for yourself you can take your time out to be with your friends who always love you. By doing so you will experience a genuine sense of completeness within your own self. This will break the illusion that your relationship was the only thing that made you feel complete. Being with someone is a good idea only once you feel complete within your own self. The last that last step is to tell yourself that

Love is not bad.

Once you have healed your heart and collected all the broken parts of yourself you need to tell yourself that you are a genuine human and you can trust people and give love. But this time you will be loving yourself and then sharing the joy of it with others. This way my loving says you will allow your heart to grow wider and deeper. When you are well integrated with yourself your love is truly giving and receiving. Without expectations. To conclude the course. Here are a few statements that you can say in your mind to your own self. Like a quick recap of all the learning, you can say the following lines in your mind to fortify the concept in a very simple way. These are very simple affirmations that can be really useful and can be practiced daily. So read these lines in your mind in silence saying in your mind this grief is good for me. I repeat this grief is good for me. It is a process that was needed you to go through so that you realize that you have to always give love first to your own self. You needed to learn to put yourself on priority over anybody else you need to depend on people in this life but not lose touch with your own self. It is important to depend on self first for love. You need to love to feel good within your own self even though this is a tough time but still every passing moment is keeping healing to you and bringing you out you are learning to depend on own self for all the happiness say this also in your mind. I am lucky to have this brand new life once again. I repeat I am lucky to have this brand new life once again. Life prior to this hard break was in any case, not a reality. If it was then it would have lasted life offered you freedom because you are Jane if you weren’t you would still be continuing that far as life and it’s a new life once again. May you hide your best friend who needs you and your needs you all are his best friend. If you yourself and stand beside yourself always from now saying this also I live the life I repeat I live life now and do just again do not let a bad experience keep you from living your life to the fullest close your eyes now and keep your body still.

Now with your eyes closed expedience your existence inside this inner world the blank space that you see is your own self. This is not your body but your own self so in your mind I am I know slowly open your eyes and see their own and say this. This world is this god is this world is and I am not close your eyes. Once again and experience I am slowly opening your eyes once again and this would also be with your eyes open experience your existence and experience the calmness in yourself. Share this calmness with all the close bonds that you interact with daily. This happy life for life is beautiful.

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